Giving Back

SHIFTING Communities Through Design

Grace & Elie is not just a design company; it is globally-minded and purpose-driven. Grace & Elie is committed to using design as a creative channel to support educational initiatives in Africa. Additionally, the brand partners with social enterprises in Africa to collaborate on limited edition collections that give back to the communities we work with. We think this is an Eliephantastic idea!

Join us as we SHIFT communities through design.

With Gratitude,

Grace & Elie 



Below are some of our current and past initiatives. 

StartUp Ghana



To Nurture The Next Generation Of Ghanaian Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

StartUp Ghana is a network of active and empowered young individuals with entrepreneurial abilities who are learning the basics of founding projects, businesses and launching successful ventures and organizations.

Cheated Entrepreneurs-Africa4Her

Empowering women at an early stage doesn't only satisfy doing the right thing; it is indeed an intelligent investment into their futures... #Africa4her. 


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