Our Story

Welcome to Grace & Elie

We journey through Africa to explore, discover and connect

We celebrate COLORS, prints and Africa

We put our AFRICAN HEART in every design

We make it PLAYFUL, machine washable and wearable

We add a few FUN details

We make it TIMELESS... a wonderful hand-me-down

We bring Africa home to our Global Little Citizens

Developed with the vision to create an exciting brand for children, Grace & Elie brings African art and culture to modern childrenswear. Grace & Elie's signature elephant logo evokes the playfulness in which we approach our collections and designs.  Our brand reflects our love of color, beautiful prints, playful patterns, and quality design. With a mom CEO behind the brand, dressing up is easy and fun with our easy on, easy off styles that are also easy to care for.
Grace & Elie provides children's clothing and accessories for ages 0-6, as well as a unique collection of toys and gifts for all ages. Grace & Elie is the go to brand for parents looking for something beautifully distinctive and unexpected for their global trendsetter.  
It is our hope that by wearing Grace & Elie, kids will travel with their families to the countries, read the stories, and dance to the songs that inspired their favorite dress or gift; that they will live in color, dream big and embrace other cultures. Come on a journey with us as we introduce you to our Africa, explore new cultures, places and things. Along the way, we hope to inspire kids to explore their world and seek new adventures.
And oh, we love ELIEPHANTS!


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