Come On A Journey With Us to.....Ghana

Akwaaba and welcome! 

We spent our Summer 2016 in Ghana and it was magical. From the food to the music...we were surrounded by dazzling colors, intoxicating prints, delicious food, "make you wanna dance" music and lots of  love! We visited family members in different parts of the city....Accra, spent an afternoon at Labadi beach with close friends and the wonderful twins-Jonathan and Joshua, and took a trip from Accra to Mole National Park (all by road :)). We stayed at the beautiful Zaina Lodge and felt overwhelmingly welcomed by the staff. The staff made us feel at home and welcomed with their genuine smiles and superb service.  And Oh, we were visited by Elephants as we ate breakfast one morning.

We have more to share and many more people to thank for a wonderful adventure...stay tuned! 








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