It's That Time of The Year Again....

Yes, It's that time of the year, not the holidays (although, the holidays are right around the corner! ). I'm talking about Back-to-School. Our little global citizens will be beginning a new adventure at the end of August if they've not already started.  For some of them, this may be their very first time in school...for others, they're continuing their academic journey. Let's not forget our littlest global trendsetters who will be going to daycare.  

I'm currently preparing Elie and I for next week's school activities and enjoying the rest of the week before school begins. We're going to some of our favorite places-the zoo, museum, pool, and park. Occasionally, we take an evening walk to Starbucks to get some cake pops and enjoy a nice conversation about Power Rangers, Dinosaurs, and having 100 sleepovers with his cousins. As part of the preparation for school, I speak to Elie about his expectations and excitements, as well as his hesitations (or fears).

Back-to-school can be an emotional/social adjustment for both parents and kids so taking some time to talk to your little ones about what they're looking forward to and/or answer any questions they might have will help ease some of the anxiety that comes with starting the new school year. Lastly, when Elie was younger, he loved brining along one of his best buddies or little friends (teddy bears) to school for comfort. Here are some of our adorable little friends that can make back-to-school a little better for our little global citizens. 





Teddy Bears

Elie and I would like to wish our fellow Elephants and Global Trendsetters a great first day and school year!   


As always, have an Eliephantastic day!

Grace & Elie


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